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Compression Socks

Do you have tired, aching or fatigued legs? Do you suffer from swollen feet, ankles or varicose veins? Compression socks may help.  Holly Chiropractic & Wellness is now offering therapeutic gradient compression hosiery!

Medical Grade Socks covered by your Insurance!

We are offering custom measurement and fitting and will help determine the right product for you.  We carry products from LunatikAthletics and Orthotic Group.

People who have or are experiencing any of the following conditions may benefit form wearing gradient compression hosiery:

-Tired aching, fatigued legs

-Swollen feet, ankles and leg

-people who stand or sit for long periods of time

-chronic venous insufficiencies

-varicose veins

-expectant mothers




-family history of venous leg disorders

A variety of products are available with many styles, textures and shades. 

From dress socks, to sport socks.

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